Gan Cube Speedcubes – Top 5 Speedcubes of 2019

Known for its buttery smooth rotation and high-quality designs, Gan Cube has a reputation of producing some of the best cubes on the market. Especially its flagship 3x3s have been a favorite among top speedcubers and have set many world records over the years.

Their GAN Elasticity System, or GES, allows users to customize the stability of their speed cubes. Using different colored nuts, the elasticity of each cube can be adjusted to make it feel tighter or smoother in your hands.


The GAN i2 is a 3×3 speed cube equipped with the latest smart-cube technology. This includes an internal gyroscope and full motion tracking, and a complimentary APP, ‘Cube Station’, which allows you to time yourself, train, battle your friends and competitors worldwide.

The i2 is the first of its kind to incorporate an AI-assisted motion recorder, and this has helped improve its performance, both in terms of speed and stability. It is also the world’s first cube with adjustable magnets which allow you to choose from 7 different magnetic strengths.

This is an excellent option for anyone looking to up their game in the world of speedcubing. Its main draw is its impressive frosted plastic and pearly white internals, but the real trick is how it fits into your pocket. The i2 is the first of its kinds to use a CR1632 battery instead of a charger, which means you can go about your day without worrying about recharging.

251 M

GAN 251 M is the latest 2×2 from GAN Cube and it offers many improvements to improve performance. It features great corner cutting, a matte finish, light/airy feel and medium magnetic strength.

It comes with a choice of Frosted Matte or UV coated glossy and it also has a large angle magnetic alignment system. It is also one of the lightest cubes on the market weighing only 50 grams!

The Pro version of this cube is a 2021 update to the 251 M and it has adjustable magnet strength and adapts the corner/core magnet system from the GAN 11 M Pro. This allows for 24 different customisation settings and you can choose between 3 positions to adjust the magnetic force from the edge/corner pieces.

The Leap version of this cube is essentially the Pro but with larger core magnets which are stronger. This is also a 2021 update and is available in Frosted Matte or UV coated glossy.


The new GAN Pyraminx is a one of a kind puzzle featuring the first ever core-edge magnet technology as well as GAN’s patented honeycomb sculpted pieces. This combination produces a smooth turning experience and the ability to cut corners with ease.

The Standard edition of this puzzle has one set of GES nuts and core-edge magnets pre-installed, while the Explorer and Enhanced versions feature additional GES nuts for elasticity customization (four settings total). All three have an impressive 120 degrees of corner cutting and the ability to corner cut on a single turn thanks to GAN’s signature honeycomb contact surface design.

This puzzle also uses a capsule with a spring inside that can be rotated into two different positions to give you different elasticity options. This makes it the first puzzle on the market to offer multiple efficiencies and the ability to see a significant improvement in your performance while solving. You’ll also be able to forget about locks and pops thanks to the novel magnetic core.

356 XS

The GAN 356 XS is the lightest flagship speed cube from 2019. Its lighter core helps it to achieve a very soft feel and smooth turns like butter.

The puzzle is very customizable and offers amazing performance. It is easy to adjust the center piece travel, spring compression and magnet strength with a tool that comes with it.

It also features the GAN GES pro dual elasticity system that lets you independently control six levels of elasticity and four levels of nut distances. This makes it very flexible for any user and can be adjusted to suit their specific needs.

The GES pro system has a lot of advantages over previous systems and is very intuitive. Its a new twist to the GAN philosophy and will definitely make it easier to customize your puzzle.