007 – GoldenEye (USA) n64 ROM

007 – GoldenEye (USA) Nintendo 64 ROM A Nintendo 64 game based on the James Bond film by the same name, 007 goldeneye n64 rom is both a crucial milestone in the evolution of first-person shooters on consoles and universally considered one of the best movie license games ever made.

007 goldeneye n64 rom

GoldenEye n64, the best console based FPS to this very day. This game goldeneye 64 ntsc usa rom started the whole FPS craze (although, it beats the pants off of modern day shooters) and gave companies something to match.
You play the agent 007 (James Bond) and shoot your way through several levels while completing various objectives. I’d go more into depth with the story, but I didn’t pay attention to it as I was too busy having fun in goldeneye 007 ntsc u rom.

007 Goldeneye is one of the best 1st person shooter games for the Nintendo 64. In this game, you play the role of James Bond, a spy for England. (Skip this section if you watched Goldeneye) This game is based off of the 007 movie ‘Goldeneye’. In Goldeneye, there is very impressive AI, well built maps, highly detailed guns, and, an excellent storyline.

007-Goldeneye Nintendo 64 is at least the 3rd best N64 game. I’d rate it 1st, but I’m sure there are other opinions out there. This game has really good gameplay for it’s day, and still applicable today. It also has an amazing soundtrack and hours upon hours of charming fun.
If you’re on a rom hunt, you’d be a fool not to include this game.

007 – GoldenEye (USA) n64 ROM

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