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The World of Cube Puzzles

GAN 356

Puzzles help develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills. They also help with hand-eye coordination. They are great for building spatial awareness. They also stimulate a child’s imagination. Many higher-order cubes can be solved by reducing them to a 3×3 cube and solving the centers and edges. However, these algorithms have side effects. The origin of […]

Gan Cube Speedcubes – Top 5 Speedcubes of 2019

Gan Cube

Known for its buttery smooth rotation and high-quality designs, Gan Cube has a reputation of producing some of the best cubes on the market. Especially its flagship 3x3s have been a favorite among top speedcubers and have set many world records over the years. Their GAN Elasticity System, or GES, allows users to customize the stability of […]