3 Ways to Convert YouTube to MP4

YouTube videos can be converted to MP4 using either an online converter or desktop software, with the latter providing more secure batch processing of multiple videos than online converters.

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Free YouTube to MP4 converter site

YouTube is a go-to source for everything from entertainment to self-help videos, but there are some drawbacks associated with using it. Users often feel bothered by advertisements that play before, during, and after videos; users also often experience lag issues when streaming videos through YouTube – leading them to search for tools that convert YouTube videos to more usable formats.

There are a variety of online converters that make downloading YouTube videos in MP4 formats possible, and are compatible with many video players. Some offer features like choosing audio quality and downloading subtitles; some even support resume downloads when an internet connection fails unexpectedly!

Some of the top free YouTube to MP4 converter websites feature user-friendly interfaces and support multiple file types like ssyoutube, while others are optimized to be fast and efficient, making them suitable for beginners. Furthermore, some converters allow you to cut or rotate videos before conversion while some even allow you to join clips together into one larger video file.

Y2mate IO, another excellent converter available free of charge, features an intuitive user-friendly interface and supports various file formats (including MP4) as well as TikTok videos. Furthermore, this tool allows users to select an output resolution which may be crucial when viewing on certain devices as well as rotating videos and adding watermarks.

EaseUS Video Converter Ultimate

This versatile video editing software boasts a comprehensive set of features designed to meet the needs of both beginners and experts alike. It supports various file formats and provides up to 30x faster conversion speeds than traditional converters; in addition, NVIDIA NVENC, AMD AMF and Intel QSV hardware acceleration help increase conversion performance, as does drag-and-drop functionality and various visual/auditory effects.

One of the greatest features of this software is that it enables users to trim videos. Simply select the playhead and drag your mouse to where you wish to cut it; alternatively you can crop out parts of a video frame if needed. This tool is invaluable for vloggers hoping to enhance the quality of their footage by eliminating unnecessary noise or flaws that detract from recordings.

Another excellent feature of this software is the ability to control playback speed of videos, making it especially handy for vloggers wanting to speed up their clips and increase views on their YouTube channel and make more money in return.

Additionally, this software can also be used to edit and convert music files, with support for popular file formats like mp3, wma, aac, flac, ogg and wav supported. You may even combine several videos into one file.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a cross-platform free and open-source video player capable of playing most audio and video files without requiring additional codecs, supporting an extensive array of file formats including DVDs. With its intuitive user interface and fast loading/rendering times compared to comparable programs.

Windows PC users looking for an excellent video player have plenty of choices available to them, such as Microsoft Media Center (MC) or VLC media player (VC), both being lightweight programs that do not occupy too many system resources. Both players also boast many flexible features which allow you to crop or trim videos or make GIFs, create playlists of videos or edit existing ones if required.

VLC Media Player stands out from the crowd by enabling users to convert videos between file formats, giving you greater flexibility when saving space on your hard disk or needing to alter quality. Furthermore, this versatile media player can also help create and stream podcasts.

VLC may offer enough features to satisfy most people, but there is also an extensive catalog of add-ons available to extend its functionality and help find subtitles faster.


YouTube-dl is a free and open source program that makes downloading videos from over 1,000 video hosting websites simple and safe, working seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms alike. No subscription or sketchy download websites required – making YouTube-dl a smart choice when looking to safely save videos to your hard drive.

Start by searching for the video you wish to convert, copy and paste its URL from your browser’s address bar; on Windows press Ctrl + V; macOS use Command + V and Linux Shift + Ctrl to copy paste; finally enter “youtube-dl url_to_video>”.

Once your video has downloaded, it can be watched using any media player. You may also download audio tracks and subtitles if desired or create an entire playlist to download all at once.

You can specify a language tag to download specific video descriptions, while using –sub-lang to download all available subtitles is another useful way of doing this. Furthermore, this tool also lets you access metadata, annotations and thumbnail images as well as create lists by typing youtube-dl –list-extractors [url_to_video>]. Lastly, specify an area for long term storage of downloaded data – usually this would be $XDG_CACHE_HOME or /.cache/youtube-dl/