5 Reasons to Travel to Sri Lanka

Visitors of Sri Lanka will find plenty of reasons to come visit, from watching baby elephants at Pinnawala to gazing upon Galle’s stilt fishermen – there’s so much beauty here!

All the most famous temples and stupas remain open during this season, although they will likely be quieter than usual; beaches also remain accessible, making December-March an excellent time to visit Sri Lanka.


Colombo, Sri Lanka’s bustling capital city, makes an excellent introduction or conclusion to any island vacation. Relics from its garden roots linger along its shaded boulevards while Fort area brims with architectural beauty while Pettah district provides bustling markets.

Vesak marks Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death and is celebrated throughout the city during Vesak week with illuminated decorations and illuminations as visitors can enjoy lantern competitions, festival markets and the delicious dunsala food!

Women traveling alone in Colombo shouldn’t experience too many problems, though it would be wise to be wary of scams and keep an eye on any valuables that they might own. Travelers should dress conservatively and avoid walking around late at night.


Sri Lanka’s central hills boast lush tea plantations landscapes and biodiverse rainforest environments, while Kandy, best known for the Temple of Tooth shrine, is an especially popular travel destination.

Kandy, known for its ancient temples and colonial architecture, makes for an exquisite city tour. Additionally, its scenic lake is popularly visited, while there are aristocratic gardens surrounding it as well.

Kandy offers travelers an unforgettable train journey along one of Sri Lanka’s breathtaking mountain routes – making for an unforgettable travel experience! Just be sure to pack a sweatshirt as temperatures can quickly become chilly when traveling through hilly regions like Nuwara Eliya or Ella.


Galle is an old town listed on UNESCO World Heritage and it never ceases to amaze me, with its stone sea walls expanded by Portuguese and Dutch rulers, car-free streets lined with buildings that showcase Sri Lankan, European, and Asian architecture, car-free streets filled with antique cars reminiscent of Portuguese times, car-free streets full of buildings that celebrate different cultures – it never ceases to fascinate me!

Exploring boutique shops located within picturesque colonial mansions will allow you to find handmade clothing, trinkets, ornaments and souvenirs – not forgetting learning more about traditional cottage industries such as beeralu lace-making, turtle shell ware making and ebony ornaments!

Poonie’s offers light menu items that focus on South East Asia rather than Ceylon, from Thai noodles and Vietnamese pho to salad bowls filled with lemon curd, lychee and mango. Or try Isle of Gelato where the owners spent three months learning Italian ice cream making.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya (“Little England”) is a picturesque town encased by lush tea plantations landscapes, providing the ideal place for visitors to immerse themselves in nature or simply discover its charming shops and markets.

Heritance Hotel, built within the beautifully preserved shell of Hethersett Estate Tea Factory is an extraordinary 5-star property. Many pieces from its old factory’s machinery have been integrated into its stylish design.

Seetha Amman Kovil is another must-see attraction, being dedicated to Sita from Hindu epic Ramayana and believed to be where Ravana held Sita captive, with Hanuman believed to have come to her rescue and leaving his footprint at this site. A great spot on your way up or down Adam’s Peak hike!


Ella is a picturesque hill country town set amidst cascading waterfalls and jungle greenery. With fresh mountain air providing relief from tropical heat, Ella offers plenty of memorable activities.

Wander through lush tea plantations or take a tour to Dambetenne tea factory for more insight into its rich history in Sri Lanka (while also sampling some tasty tea!). Ravana Falls are another must see, where legend states that Sri Lanka’s King once kidnapped his sister as revenge against her husband’s death – see story for more!

Make sure to bring plenty of hiking shoes and water, particularly during the rainy season from December to February. After an exciting day exploring Sri Lankan nature, treat yourself to a bottle of Lion beer – one of the country’s iconic beverages!