Advantages of Using LED Shoebox Street Light

A led shoebox street light is a type of outdoor lighting fixture that’s typically mounted on a pole and used to illuminate parking lots and other large areas. They’re also called LED Parking Lot Lights or LED Area Lights.

They provide brighter illumination than traditional lights and are weather-resistant. They’re also energy efficient and have a longer lifespan, making them a smart choice for any outdoor space.


Shoebox lights are a type of outdoor lighting fixture that mounts at the top of a pole. They use optics to distribute light downwards, like a flood light.

They can be installed with photocells for true dusk-to-dawn operations. Motion sensors are also available to dim the lights when they detect movement.

LED shoebox street lights are a great option for any parking lot or area that needs to be illuminated throughout the night. They use less energy, last longer and provide more illumination than other types of lighting.

The efficiency of the shoebox street light depends on a number of factors, including the light pattern and lumens. The most efficient LED shoebox light fixtures are designed to have 60-70 lumens per wattage, which means they use up to 75% less energy than traditional lights.

Shoebox lighting is commonly used in parking lots, sports arenas, airport terminals, streets, garages and bus stations. They can also be installed in sensitive areas such as hospitals, hotels and restaurants.


LED Shoebox Street Light is a powerful lighting solution with the ability to illuminate large spaces. It is ideal for parking lots, roadways, walkways, narrow roads, and park areas.

These LED shoebox lights provide a brighter illumination than other traditional light sources. They are also energy efficient, have stylish design patterns and are weather resistant.

The lifespan of LED shoebox lighting is often rated at 50,000 hours. This is much longer than the average incandescent, halogen and CFL.

LED shoebox lighting is also ideal for outdoor sports courts, tennis courts and other areas where there is a need for strong light. It can be installed on poles or on buildings near the court.


Whether you’ve recently installed a new LED shoebox street light or your old lights are showing signs of wear and tear, ongoing maintenance is essential to ensure that your lighting system operates at peak efficiency.

For instance, if your LED shoebox light is flickering or not coming on at all, the first thing you should check is your electric connections. Make sure that all the wires are securely fastened and that there is no dust or debris in the circuit.

Another option is to add a photocell, which will automatically turn your LED shoebox light on at dusk and off at dawn. This feature will help to reduce your monthly energy costs by only turning your lights on when they are needed.

Shoebox lighting is a great choice for outdoor parking lots, tennis courts, and other outdoor areas. They are available in a variety of wattage options and are easily adapted to almost any mounting situation.


Shoebox street lights are ideal for enlightening huge areas like roads, parking garages, airports and carports. These large lighting devices make it easier for people to explore and move around.

These light fixtures are ideal for reducing the number of road mishaps that occur on public streets and walkways. They also offer a higher lumen output than metal halide and halogen fixtures, which can help reduce energy costs.

Compared to traditional metal halide and halogen lights, LED shoebox street lights can save up to 80% of your electricity bill. They also come with a five-year warranty and a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

This LED shoebox fixture has high-quality die-cast aluminum housing, cool fins design to good for heat release, long life. It is also available with a variety of mounting options including Rotatable Arm Mount, Trunnion Mount and Slip Fitter multi-mounted.