Choosing the Right Solar Power System Manufacturer

Finding the appropriate solar power system manufacturer can make or break your project. When choosing, be sure to choose one with years of experience and an outstanding reputation, while making sure they offer high-quality products.

JinkoSolar began manufacturing solar and storage products for both residential and commercial uses in 1997. Their half-cell solar cell design improves shading tolerance while their 9 busbar technology decreases power loss.

LONGi Solar

Longi Solar is a global leader in mono-crystalline silicon PV cells and modules, with production facilities located in China, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Longi has set itself apart in recent years by prioritizing research and development (R&D). Their innovative solutions, such as gallium treatment for PERC cells and smart soldering technology, offer unrivalled LCOE solutions for commercial and residential applications alike.

Longi stands out as a truly international solar manufacturer with their Australian office providing warranty claims services – this is especially essential given how many small solar installers fail within their warranty period and do not honor claims submitted under them.

Tongwei Solar

Tesla stands out among solar solutions providers by producing its own panels and offering energy storage products that combine with them for an optimal system that fits perfectly into any home or business environment.

As the PV industry approaches a terawatt market, its next leading global module supplier could emerge from among the top 20 manufacturers of wafers and cells. While this will likely happen before 2025 arrives, planning should start taking place sooner rather than later if this goal is to be realized.

JA Solar

JA Solar is one of the leading Tier 1 manufacturers producing silicon wafers, cells and modules which are sold across more than 120 countries and regions. Their solar panels are known for their excellent performance and low degradation rates.

Their Deep Blue 3.0 series employs 182mm P-type PERC cells and comes standard with an industry-standard 12-year manufacturer’s product warranty and 25-year linear power output guarantee. Furthermore, this model boasts a mono-PERC design featuring 11 busbars and half cell configuration for maximum peak efficiency of 22.4% with improved temperature-dependent performance, reduced risk of hot spots, and greater mechanical loading tolerance.

Aiko Solar

The company is a major supplier of crystalline silicon solar cell products with advanced technologies and production capabilities. Their p-PERC, n-type PERC and bifilacial PERC cells feature their innovative ABC (all back contact) architecture which eliminates metal grid lines while increasing efficiency.

SunPower Maxeon series panels and the company is developing an alternative silver-free metal coating solution to lower costs and address supply chain concerns.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar’s high-efficiency tier 1 modules are the perfect choice for residential and commercial grid-tie systems, meeting stringent quality standards during production. Their meticulous designs and production practices guarantee each module meets those standards.

Since 2001, SolarWorld is partially vertically integrated, producing some of the raw silicon ingots, wafers, and solar cells used in their panels themselves – giving them an advantage when it comes to both cost and efficiency over manufacturers who don’t possess this level of vertical integration.

Bloomberg Tier 1 lists only non-Chinese solar panel producers. Banks consider SolarWorld one of the most bankable manufacturers. Furthermore, their Australian offices make them easily accessible for installers and warranty claims.


Zhongli/Talesun is a Chinese solar cell and module manufacturer. Their long-term development strategy involves building a production base in Thailand which will produce large sized, highly efficient N-type heterojunction solar cells with large scale production capability that will increase profitability while simultaneously strengthening core competitiveness and improving their profitability.

Bloomberg Tier 1 rankings place this company among the leading solar manufacturers worldwide, and their modules come backed by both a 10-year product warranty and 25-year linear power output performance guarantee.

Use ImportGenius to view Zhongli Talesun Technologies Thailand Co., Ltd’s import history through US Customs.


Suntech Solar, established in 2001, is one of the world’s top producers of crystalline silicon solar panels and are well known for their reliable products and commitment to research, development and production of photovoltaic modules made of this crystalline material.

Suntech made their inaugural acquisition, the Japan-based MSK Corporation, which introduced them to building-integrated photovoltaics – an exciting, emerging sector with immense growth potential.

Monofacial and biifacial panels from EfficientPanels come with an above average 12-year product guarantee and 25-year performance warranty, making them a good choice if cost efficiency is also a priority.