Cube Mats and Cube Timers

The cube mats are designed to simulate the environment of official WCA competitions. They can also double as a mouse pad and are available in various designs. They are very light and durable, making them the ideal choice for competitions.

The Dream mat is an excellent tool for catching uber fine gold in your Gold Cube. It has a different geometry to other mats and catches gold better.


Stackmats are used in official World Cube Association competitions to ensure accurate time measurement and to prevent damage to the cube or the surface underneath it. They also help reduce nerves during competition by emulating the actual environment. These mats are also great for practice and casual play.

The latest generation of the Stackmat Pro Timer is designed with new features that improve functionality. It connects to the mat via a snap-in G5 button system, eliminating the risk of it getting knocked off the mat inadvertently. Its hold-feature on the RESET and POWER buttons prevents it from losing times due to accidental slams.

It is thin and shock absorbent, making it perfect for speed cubing. It also has fastenings to attach a SpeedStacks timer and rolls up into a portable roll so that it can be taken anywhere. It is decorated with a MoYu graphic and is compatible with Gen 3 and Gen 4 Stackmats.

Speedcubing timers

If you are a speedcuber, a cube timer is an essential piece of equipment. It allows you to keep track of your solving times and improve your performance at competitions. In addition, it can help you learn the fundamentals of a cube and reduce your nerves before competing.

A great option for those who are interested in a mobile solution is the Qiyi Timer app. It has a unique design that uses infrared hand sensors to detect the position of your hands. This makes it more ergonomic and accurate than other cube timers. It can also save your solves and analyze them.

Another popular option is the WCA Timer, which offers a variety of features. It supports all the modalities of championship cubes and includes an official scramble algorithm. It also displays a graph of your solves and various statistics. You can also connect it to a larger display to show your results to an audience.

Cubing mats

Cubing mats are essential accessories for cubing, as they prevent the cube from causing damage to surfaces it is dropped on. They also help to reduce the noise of a cube dropping on the table. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and can even be used as mouse pads. They have a soft top surface that grips the table or mat well.

Cube mats are the official surfaces for WCA competitions, and can be used to emulate the competition environment at home. This can help to overcome the nerves of solving in an official competition. They can also make it easier to beat your personal records.

The MoYu cube mat is a compact mat with holes for attaching a SpeedStacks timer. It has a smooth and comfortable feel, and is decorated with a vibrant MoYu graphic. It is compatible with Gen 5 timers, but not Gen 2 or 3 timers. It is a great choice for beginners and advanced cubers alike.

Cube timers

A cube timer is a device that allows you to track your solve times and improve your speed. It has hand sensors that detect when you touch it to start and stop the timer. Cube timers are a must-have for at-home practice, as they simulate competition environments and help you learn how to solve faster. They also allow you to compare your solve times against other competitors.

These devices are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and price ranges. Some models come with a data port that can be connected to a display to show your statistics in front of an audience. These models are often the official ones used in WCA competitions. They also have sensitive palm pads that flash when the timer is running and turn off when it stops. The power, save, and reset buttons are easy to locate around the palm pads and are made with reinforced designs for durability.