Digimon World (E) PSX PS1 ISO [SLES-02914]

Digimon World (E) PSX PS1 ISO [SLES-02914] Digimon world is a game that allows a player to raise their own Digimon and teach it to battle.

Digimon World (E) PSX PS1 ISOs ISO [SLES-02914]

Digimon World revolves around you, the player, saving the Digimon World (Who would have guessed it..).
You come home from school, and your mother has been gone, and there’s a flashing light coming from your bedroom. You go to your bedroom to find a handheld console with a picture of Koromon (a Pink ball with huge ears) speaking in apparent gibberish. You go to pick up the device but are sucked into the object itself.
You land in a strange land, surrounded by Digimon. They soon ask you to help remedy a problem; The Digimon have disbanded from File City, and forgot how to speak and forgot about the city. It’s up to you to find them, and re-wake their memories!

It’s a brilliant game. Played it when I was 4 (Albeit never getting past the first twenty minutes of the storyline, but enjoyed playing it for 50 hours) and loved it. Everyone should play the game, though it has a weird combat system.
It’s pretty much a 3D Tamagotchi/pokemon-esque game. You raise a Digimon, and then take it through Digimon World to save it.

Digimon World (E) PSX PS1 ISO [SLES-02914]



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