Donkey Kong Country SNES Rom

Donkey Kong Country SNES Rom A landmark SNES game featuring the first 32meg cart to be released on the system. donkey kong country rom was a revolutionary platformer, going on to spawn two sequels.

Donkey Kong Country SNES Rom

The first DKC game, the beginning of one of the greatest videogame series in history if you ask me. I’m epically glad theyd ecided to reboot the series with DKC Returns (Wii).
Well, there’s not much to say about DKC. It’s a classic sidescroller akin to the Mario games, but with some added twists such as throwable barrels, hidden passageways, and a lot more.
If you like SNES games, or even if you don’t – You absolutely have to play this gem of a game.

A great, and unexpected move on Nintendo’s part. Giving Donkey Kong, the ape from the arcade title, a platforming game on their newest system? For whatever reason they did it, I’m glad they did. This is one of the best games on the SNES and one of the best and most polished platformer I’ve ever played.
You play as the big ape himself AND his new friend Diddy as you try to recover their stolen hoard of bananas from the evil King K. Rool. You can switch between both Donkey and Diddy for different situations (Diddy is faster and jumps higher, while Donkey is more powerful).
This game is very difficult in the later levels but you are eased into the challenge from several easier levels, giving you time to form your skills.
If you’re looking for a game on the SNES, this one will have you captivated for some time. I highly suggest it.

This game Donkey Kong Country SNES Rom is amazing! the game-play is similar to Mario games but has a few twists. you can roll, throw barrels, and slap the ground. The levels get progressively harder with enough time to hone your skills. all in all this is a great game donkey kong snes rom that everyone should get a chance to play.

Donkey Kong Country SNES Rom



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