GAN 356 Smart Cubes

GAN 356 is the first smart cube to offer a performance on par with quality speedcubes. It’s still not quite flagship level but it’s close and offers a really good experience.

It features a modern, smooth feel and GAN’s unique dual hand adjustment Numerical IPG core. It also has the Honeycomb contact surface and magnet capsules for a premium feel.

1. GAN 356 X V2

The GAN 356 X V2 is a heavy hitter in the world of magnetic speed cubes. It features the revolutionary GAN Magnet System/GMS, allowing you to change the magnet force in seconds without dismantling the cube!

The patented system consists of magnet grooves and magnet capsules, which you can replace to customize the cube to your personal preference. This means you can choose between strong, medium, and weak magnets without dismantling the cube!

Other notable features include a wing-shaped Numerical Core that is lightweight, 100% vertical to all six sides, and designed for stability and corner cutting, an inner honeycomb surface that spreads lube throughout the puzzle, and edge and corner feet that prevent popping and twisting.

Additionally, the GES Pro dual adjustment system allows you to fine-tune the springs with a screw and alternative nut. This makes it easy to set up the GAN 356 X V2 to your perfect setting! The result is a fast and smooth speed cube with an incredible amount of control.

2. GAN 356 RS

The GAN 356 RS is the latest update of the budget friendly 3×3 speedcube from GAN. Featuring a sleek stickerless matte shade and a smooth soft GAN feel that is characteristic of their cubes, the RS is the perfect combination of state-of-the-art engineering and budget consideration.

With internal improvements such as an updated GES tensioning system and the new honeycomb contact surface from the GAN Air SM, the RS offers more precise control than ever before. With a weight of only 72g, the RS is a great choice for intermediate speedcubers who want to upgrade their cube without breaking the bank.

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The GAN 365 RS is one of the most popular magneticless speedcubes on the market. It features springs inside the core which create a much more smooth rotation than a traditional Rubik’s Cube. It is an ideal choice for those looking to improve their personal record in competitions. It also comes with a variety of interior tools to help with tuning and a case to protect your cube.

3. GAN 356 M

GAN 356 M is a new magnetic speed cube by GAN Cube that features the latest version of their numerical IPG-core. This new core eliminates screws and springs and replaces them with nuts (GES) with encapsulated springs that can be turned by hand. The nuts have two modes each representing a different strength and can be tuned individually by the solver to find a setting that is optimized for their personal style of solving.

The cube also features a unique world-first honeycomb design that allows for full coverage lubrication resulting in a fast and smooth feel. It has 48 visible magnet capsules and features a numerical GES+ tuning system that makes it easier and more accurate for all to tune by hand.

The full edition comes with a set of spare GES nuts while the lite version includes just one GES by default. The cube has a modern, stable feel that is reminiscent of a mix between the 356 XS and the X V2, making it ideal for those who like GAN engineering with a side of simplicity.

4. GAN 356 Air UM

The GAN 356 Air UM is the world’s first mass-produced magnetic 3×3 speed cube. It has a magnet positioning system that uses small magnets embedded inside the corners and edges. These magnets are pointed towards each other and snap the layers into place when they’re close enough. The result is a fast, smooth-feeling cube that can hold up to high speeds and is very resistant to corner twists and lock-ups.

The magnets increase the weight by a few grams but make a huge difference to the feeling and stability of the puzzle. They also allow the edges to be positioned perfectly, which is vital for one-handed and blindfolded solving and helps to reduce overturning when turning at high speeds.

The cube comes with a set of four purple GES V2 nuts, a pair of tensioning tools, a plastic adjusting tool and a VIP card in a transparent plastic GanBox v3. It’s the best cube for those looking for a light-weight solution that feels fast out of the box.