How to Solve the Square-1 Speed Cube

The Square-1 is a popular cube that many speedcubers love to solve. It may look like the classic Rubik’s Cube but it can be a lot more difficult. It has become an official event at WCA speedcubing competitions.

The best Square-1s perform very well. Some even break world records! Some of the most popular models are the X-man Volt Square 1 and QiYi X-Man V2 M.

It is made by Moyu

This cube is very smooth and fast, but can also be quite rough. If you have a lot of lockups it might be due to incorrect setup, lube, or your own turning style. It’s a good idea to learn how to set up and lube your cube yourself, as it will save you money and make it easier to solve.

The MGC is an amazing new square-1 that has been incredibly popular since its release this year. It has great fluidity and mind blowing corner cutting. Cubers have already broken continental records with it!

The MGC is available in a wide variety of colors. It’s a great choice for any cuber looking for a fast and reliable square-1. This cube also has a light and crunchy feel that some solvers may enjoy. However, if you’re a fan of the heavier, more solid feeling Yuxin square-1 then I would suggest getting that instead! It’s less expensive and has a similar feel.

It is a 4-layer version of the Square-1

The Square-1 is a difficult puzzle that develops spatial imagination, combinatorial skills, and a logical way of thinking. It also helps to strengthen memory, specifically muscle memory. In addition to its physical benefits, the Square-1 also challenges your mental abilities and teaches you how to solve complex algorithms.

The first step in solving a Square-1 is to pair up the edge pieces. This is done by bringing an unpaired edge to the top and then swapping it with a corner of the bottom layer. In most cases, this is easier than it sounds, because the corner wedges of the middle layers are not free to move like the edge pieces.

One of the best cubes to practice on is the MGC, which has become the newest and most popular square-1 with its mind blowing fluidity. It is highly recommended and is used by cubers all over Europe to break continental records. The MGC is the most reliable and sturdy square-1 and offers mind blowing corner cutting and placement.

It is a 4-layer version of the Super Square One

The newest square-1 has magnets inside that snap into place when you complete layer turns. This increases stability and decreases undesirable morphing of the cube. It also makes the puzzle feel very light and fast to solve. It’s definitely a good choice for people who want to break records!

The upper and lower layers contain alternating kite and triangular pieces. The middle layer has a cube shape. To get back to a square shape, you must swap the corner pieces on the top and bottom layers, and move them so that they don’t have a 0 or 4 sum.

One of the most important things to do is to get your corners into position. This can be a little difficult for beginners, but it will get easier with practice. The first step is to turn the top layer to a front top right position. If it’s not in the correct position, try turning it again until it is.

It is a 5-layer version of the Square-1

If you’re interested in learning how to solve the Square-1, there is no better place to start than with a good quality cube. Our webshop offers a wide selection of cheap models, as well as bundles that give you several cubes at a low price! The Volt V2 is our current favorite, as it’s fast and has great magnet strength. It also comes with black caps, allowing you to swap them with your own, making it even more customizable.

There are a few different algorithms for solving the Square-1. Some are more intuitive than others, but all rely on the free intermixing of corner and edge pieces. This is different from the Rubik’s Cube, where algorithms are used more towards the end of a solution.

There are also some shortcuts that can be used to reduce the amount of work needed in each step of the algorithm. These shortcuts can help you improve your solve times and become faster at solving the cube.