How to Use the Cheapest Consumer Loan Calculator or Billigste Forbrukslånkalkulator

Loan Calculators

There are many times that you will want to use a consumer loan calculator and it is usually when you need to know more information about a consumer loan you want to take out. They have these calculators for all types of loans, too, from home loans to personal loans and everything in between. You can find out all the loan costs that might be added to your loan, such as interest rates and origination fees. These fees all add to the cost of your loans, and these calculators can help you to add them all up. 

If you are looking for a particular type of loan, such as a mortgage loan, you will need to do a search for mortgage loan calculator. You can find forbrukslånkalkulator, or loan calculators in many places and they are all fairly simple to use. You just find the one that you want to use and put in all your numbers in the correct spots and the calculator will do the rest. There are many different calculators to find out the information that you want. These calculators are easy to find, most lenders have at least one on their websites. 

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Types of Loan Calculators

These calculators will give you most of the information that is the same, such as the interest rates and the payments that you will make. Some can give you extra information such as the total principal and interest. This is all information that you can use to decide if you want a specific loan – the information might not get your answer down to the penny, but it will get you close. It will get you in the ballpark, and that is mostly what you need with these calculators. 

  1. Auto Loan– the auto loan calculator will let you enter the price of the car, any down payment that you want to pay, the number of months that you will be paying, and the annual interest rate. This will calculate the payment that you will be making, the percentage of the down payment, the total interest you’ll pay, and the total principal and interest. This allows you to have the correct amount of money available when you sign the closing papers on the vehicle. 

You will want to know these numbers so that you can find just the right car for your budget, shop around until you find just the perfect car that fits all the numbers. You should already have your down payment saved before you begin to look, although some car dealerships will offer you deals with no down payments. If you have a down payment, you will be able to pay your car off sooner and save some interest money in the long run. 

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  1. Loan– this is just a general calculator that gives just the very basic information such as the amount of money you want to borrow and the interest rate. This does not include any down payment, because there usually is not a down payment with a personal loan. You don’t need as much information because you are not taking the loan out as long most of the time.

You should still shop around and find the right loan, although the biggest thing that will be different is the interest rate and the fees that might be attached to this type of loan. You can still get a better loan by shopping around.

  1. Mortgage– this calculator will give you the information that you need to get a mortgage for purchasing a home. It does include a percentage amount for your down payment and it will tell you how much money you will pay in principal and interest at the end of the loan. You could also add points, property taxes, home insurance, and private mortgage insurance to your calculations to get a more accurate estimation of your payments. You can see an example of a good mortgage calculator here: You can also see other loan calculators on that site. 

Mortgage loans are the biggest investment that most people make, and you want to be able to calculate how much of a down payment that you will need in order to have the payment that you are looking for. You will also know what the ultimate price for a home you can afford and how much interest will be added. 

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  1. Retirement Age – you can calculate the age you will be at your retirement and how much money you will have at that age. For instance, you can put your current age in one of the blanks, your current amount that you have for your retirement right now, how much you want to invest each month, and the amount of the interest rates. It will give you a projected retirement age, total amount invested, interest earned, and your final value. This will help you to project how much money that you will need to save each month to get to the retirement value you want to be at.

You can find a way to invest that much money each month and maybe invest in stocks and bonds, as well, so that you receive even more money.

  1. Retirement Savings – this is different than the retirement age calculator – it will calculate the amount of savings that you can have at retirement. This asks your age now and what age you want to be retired by, as well as the interest rate and current savings that you already have in your savings account. It shows how many payments you will need to make to get to your target amount as well as how much each payment should be. Check here to see what you should have saved by your retirement age. This site can help you to get close to that amount. 

You can find out how much you can save by a certain time and see if you might want to add more money to your monthly savings. Again, you can also begin to invest in other things such as more real estate, cryptocurrency, or precious metals to increase your savings quicker.

  1. Savings – you can plan out how much you want to save each month with this calculator and calculate how long it will take to get to your target number. You can also add an interest rate, if there is one, so that you can see how much interest you can make, as well. This is just for seeing how much you need to save for an important event such as a vacation or wedding. 

You could also see how much you could add to your savings each month and still have enough for daily living. 


You will want to be cautious using these calculators because they will not give you a completely accurate number for your purchase. You will want to add a little extra money for your down payment or the interest, and possibly any origination fees. This way you will be prepared if the amount goes higher once you are at the lenders. You could then use any extra money for an increased down payment, or any other fees that need to be paid.

When to Use Them

You will want to use these calculators before you get your first loan, especially if you don’t have anyone to help you. You don’t want to be taken advantage of, and these calculators will help you to get an idea of what you will pay. After you have done a few loans, you will know what to expect and a basic loan amount that you might pay, and you won’t need them anymore. 

You might also want to use them before you make any big decisions, such as marriage proposals or starting your career just so that you know what you are getting yourself into. You will know the approximate costs on loans and how much to save for these big events. 


There are many reasons to use a loan calculator and there are many different kinds to use. You can use them for any loan and for any savings purposes, including retirement. If you use these calculators you will be able to have enough money as you sign the paperwork for any loan. You can get a loan for just about anything and these calculators can help with any of them.