Muscle Pain or Soreness – Natural Therapies to Get Quick Relief

Muscle soreness or pain is something that we all have experienced sometimes or the other. The discomfort could be mild or severe depending on the injury or accident sustained. Many people suffer from pain due to their lifestyle. Surprisingly, the fittest sportsmen also face muscle pain. According to an article published in Huffington Post, DOMS is a condition that results in muscle tissue stress. Due to minute tears, your muscle will pain and cause discomfort. Often the pain grows extreme after working out.

If you overlook your muscle pain, the condition will affect your personal and professional life. So, here are some natural therapies to get quick respite from pain:

Use Epsom salt

If you have some knowledge about spices and herbs, you might also know that Epsom salt is used to treat several conditions, especially effective for treating muscle pain. The scientific name of the salt is magnesium sulfate and made of oxygen, magnesium, and sulfur.

The salt’s name is there because of its physical and chemical structure. However, it tastes unlike table salt and is quite bitter. Many scientists did try to assess the benefits of this salt since it was discovered. Several studies indicate that Epsom salt is an excellent remedy to relieve muscle pain and discomfort. At least, it’s better than over-the-counter painkillers with adverse side effects.

Do exercises daily

There are chances that your pain is severe and you need some exercise to get rid of the soreness in your muscles. In a few cases, mild and continuous pain lingers no matter what medications you take. The pain comes back after the effect of the painkiller is over. That’s why you need to try a few exercises to get relief from muscle pain. Alternatively, you can opt for regenerative therapies to alleviate muscle soreness at QC Kinetix (Liberty). For any location information, click:

When you work out, it helps in stretching your muscles and body considerably, assuaging muscle soreness or pain. Fortunately, you can start numerous exercises depending on your comfort level. Then, avoid doing exercises that cause more discomfort or aggravate the pain.

Try Apple Cider Vinegar

Did you know that apple cider vinegar has been in use for many years? Yes, reports show that it was also used back in 400 BC. During this era, a Greek physician, Hippocrates suggested people take apple cider vinegar as it has many health benefits.

Since that age, apple cider vinegar is preferred by people to get relief from pain including muscle soreness. Moreover, this natural remedy helps in alleviating chronic pain associated with headaches and arthritis. The best thing about it is that the vinegar is quite commonly available in the market and so you can easily get it to assuage muscle pain. However, before taking it, consult with a doctor or therapist about the dosage. If you have allergies, then never take it without consulting a pain relief expert.


These days, more people are switching to natural and regenerative therapies to treat muscle pain. Gone are the days of popping painkillers.