Pokemon Platinum Rom NDS Nintendo DS USA Download

Pokemon Platinum Rom NDS Nintendo DS USA Download The Pokemon Platinum Version (US) ROM Download is available to play for Nintendo DS. With this platinum rom NDS, you can now experience all your favorite moments from the original games with added features and more levels than ever before!

Pokemon Platinum Rom

If you like to play role-playing games, the Pokemon Platinum Version (US) NDS ROM would be a good choice.

Pokemon Platinum Storyline

Pokémon Platinum, the third edition of Nintendo’s popular game series Pokémon has introduced several new elements. Two characters are now included in this version; one is Charon, part scientist and a member from Team Galactic ( whom you may remember as Sabrina) while also helping their leader Giovanni look for his creation Giratina, which was first seen at Silph Co. The other character we meet, along with her partner Looker works as an agent assigned by something called “Justice” or what seems more likely just “The Man.” Dialga governs Earth whereas Palkia does so over Water, but both can be caught during your journey through Sinnoh Region unlike previous games where only a legendary dragon could in pokemon platinum ds rom


Pokemon Platinum Nintendo DS is the base gameplay in all of the Pokemon series. As with other console games, it offers Role Playing where players explore and battle their way through various obstacles while managing party members on field map screens; menu screens allow customization options like item management or settings tweaks, which affect the overall gameplay experience Pokemon Platinum rom 3541.

Pokemon Platinum Rom NDS Nintendo DS USA Download

You can Download And Install Pokemon Platinum on Nintendo NDS Console. to do that you need to install the Nintendo DS emulator first which you can find on the Nintendo NDS Emulator page.


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