The Essential Guide to Speed Lubes For Your Cube

Most cubers use some sort of speed lube to decrease friction between their puzzle’s moving parts, which helps reduce friction more effectively than using water alone. While there are various options available to them, some may be more effective at decreasing friction than others.

Silicone is the go-to lubricant in speedcubing. Typically classified by viscosity or “weight”, its range typically falling from 1-5; with lower weight being runnier lubricants.


Cubicle Labs’ DNM-37 water-based lubricant creates a welcome surge of speed when used with their cubes, minxes and square-1s. Formulated to absorb moisture more effectively than Maru lubes. Perfect for adding speed to any puzzle and long lasting than traditional maru versions! This DNM-37 lube works great!

Perfluoropolyether-based lubricants offer excellent resistance against chemicals and high temperatures, making this one of the best solutions available to cube players. Furthermore, its long-term durability means it does not evaporate as rapidly as other silicone-based solutions.

This 5cc bottle of lube provides your cube with an incredible boost of speed without changing its feel too drastically. Easy to use and apply by simply dropping a few drops inside, it provides you with an unparalleled advantage for speed cubing!

Compound X

Compound X is a water-based lubricant developed in 2018 by Angstrom to accelerate any puzzle. Utilizing charged silicone polymers to slow your cube at an molecular level without leaving any sticky residue, Compound X can be found on fast puzzles but is equally applicable on mechanically neutral solvers to reduce friction and wear on pieces, with its sweet pomegranate scent found throughout tunnels, Pigline, Reactor levels; its reaction heavily reacting with light sources causing lanterns to flicker heavily!

Lubicle Black

Lubicle Black from Cubicle Labs is a low friction metal-based lubricant designed for metal-to-metal and plastic-to-plastic contact, making it the perfect way to lube the core and hardware of puzzles – simply apply one drop to each screw head and center piece bottom and experience its smoothness and speed at play!

This set comes equipped with a green dispensing tip, lube cap, rubber work gloves and an introduction card. As this lube can stain surfaces quickly, we advise applying it over paper towel or another disposable surface to avoid staining issues. Furthermore, after sitting idle for some time it may separate; simply stir thoroughly to remix its solution prior to use.

Angstrom Gravitas & Dignitas

Angstrom Gravitas & Dignitas is a combination of two long-lasting, high quality silicone lubricants designed to give a smooth, controllable cube experience. Angstrom Dignitas uses micro-nitride technology for maximum smoothness while protecting from further damage while providing silky smooth sensation. It will settle into any small friction grooves within your puzzle to protect from further wear while providing silky smooth sensation.

Angstrom Gravitas is an exceptional two-part lubricant consisting of Reagent A and Reagent B that must be mixed before use to activate it, producing fast yet smooth turning experience once activated. The chemical reaction between Reagent A and B makes this product so special.

Angstrom Celeritas

Celeritas is the first two-component lubricant ever, providing enjoyable and smooth rotation. Similar to other two component products, Celeritas undergoes a chemical reaction when combined with Reagent B – Reagent A is composed of special silicone suspension containing carbon monomers which prevent them from crosslinking prematurely until mixed with Reagent B.

Reagent B activates a chemical reaction within Reagent A to cross-link all monomers for an authentic sliding feel when melanging your cube, and also prolonging its longevity throughout normal usage of your cube.

MAX Fleet & MAX Command

MAX Fleet, used and recommended by world champion Max Park, is a non-Newtonian piece lubricant designed to produce a special shear effect in your cube, creating incredible speed with minimal friction. MAX Command was specifically created to lubricate its core, washers and springs in your puzzle.

MAX Fleet and MAX Command can be applied to both plastic surfaces of the cube and metal parts of a puzzle, with this bundle including 5cc syringes of each product featuring an easy green tip for quick application.