The Lesser-Known Benefits of Bathroom Renovations

We’re sure you’ve heard of the usual reasons for a bathroom renovation, that it increases the value of your home, adds style and can be nicer for visitors. But there are other reasons to invest in a quality bathroom renovation, especially when you’re renovating to continue living in the home. 

Let’s look into the lesser talked about reasons to do a renovation. 

Make Things Safe

Often when people consider why they should undertake a renovation, safety is not even on the list. But as homes age, pipes can move, electric wiring can be outdated, and water fixtures can be wasting water. When you ignore these things, you can see your water bill increasing and more likelihood of electrical faults and water damage occurring. 

You can also update the bathroom to suit your changing needs, such as if you need accessibility for elderly people, it can be added into the renovation, or if you want to make things wheelchair accessible. 

Better Energy Efficiency

Although you may think your bathroom is efficient, if it was built any time before the last ten years, it can probably be even more efficient. This is a great investment to make as a few changes can lead to a much smaller utility bill. Some of these changes include adding in energy-efficient lights and heating options, increasing natural ventilation, and changing out shower heads and water fittings to use less water each day. Some more large-scale changes include changing toilets over to rainwater (with the use of alternate plumbing and water tanks) as well as adding more natural light. 

Make Things More Functional

If your bathroom wasn’t designed originally with great functionality in mind, you really should make a change. This might be in the form of adding storage, increasing the amount of ventilation, changing where the toilet is, or moving the sink. Additionally, if you want to make your home more tech-friendly you can incorporate smart home functions as well. All of these things are what make the space friendly to use and suit your unique needs

Add Personality

If you prefer a bright, white bathroom, it’s fine. Many people like to start with a blank canvas or opt for a more minimal, easy-to-clean look. However, if you’re the type of person who wants every corner of your home to encompass their personality, you can include this during your renovation process to make sure the bathroom is an accurate representation of the people in the home. 

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