Strange Brigade Backgrounds Game Review

Strange Brigade is a cooperative third-person shooter that takes inspiration from pulp adventure stories. It casts players as a team of gun-totin’ adventurers that travel to Egypt to hunt down Seteki the Witch Queen who has risen from the grave.

It is a fun game that’s worth checking out for fans of action-packed co-op shooters. However, it does carry a few major flaws.


Strange Brigade Backgrounds is a 3D co-op shooter developed by British developers Rebellion Developments, who have made the likes of Sniper Elite. It’s a rip-roaring romp through an immersive world four thousand years in the making. The most exciting part is that despite a myriad of enemies, each of the four-player gangs have their own distinct play styles and abilities to ensure that every mission is as memorable as possible.

In addition to the games many achievements, Rebellion has also been teasing us with a handful of new features, including a photo mode and an extremely challenging Extreme difficulty setting. This may be the first game to have both, and they should make for a very entertaining night in the office or pub. Using the latest technology to create a massive hologram to refract and resize the images, Rebellion has produced a truly unique graphical experience. The quality of the photos looks sensational, as does the resulting video which you can watch in awe on your TV or desktop.


In Strange Brigade, you play as one of four spirited agents in an adventure that echoes the 1930s radio serial style of Magic Island and other pulpy entertainment. The team, including Nalangu Rushida, Gracie Braithwaite, Professor Archimedes de Quincey and Frank Fairburne, has been charged by an ancient mummy’s witch queen, Seteki, to battle her undead army of mythological menaces.

Throughout the campaign, you’ll be venturing through a variety of environments that are gorgeous in their own right: from luscious greens to dark caverns dotted with fire-breathing mummies and skeletons. You’ll also find plenty of traps, from swinging blades and spikes to exploding barrels and fire pits.

The standard 3rd person shooting mechanics are mostly solid, though there’s some weird hit detection and special attacks that aren’t quite up to par with the genre’s best. However, the game’s co-op multiplayer is a real treat, and even the standard levels offer enough of a brain strain to keep it fun.


Embark on an exotic journey into danger in this rip-roaring 1930s third-person adventure. Strange Brigade combines pulse-pounding action and tales of derring-do in a game that’s packed with puzzles, traps, and mythical enemies.

A team of heroes known as the Strange Brigade are sent out to Egypt in order to defeat an evil Witch Queen named Seteki who has risen from her tomb. Her plan is to destroy the world, opening a bridge between the world of the living and the dead.

The Strange Brigade will travel across the world to slay the hordes of evil Seteki has summoned. Along the way they will encounter mythical enemies and solve various puzzles in their quest to bring back peace.

The main characters in the game include Frank Fairburne, Nalangu Rushida, Archimedes De Quincey and Gracie Braithwaite. Each character comes with unique skills, powers and weapons that will help them take on the hordes of enemies as well as solve the various puzzles in their path with techbusinesstown.


If you love a good adventure-cum-fantasy game, you’re probably looking forward to Rebellion’s upcoming team-based shooter Strange Brigade. It’s a rip-roaring 1930s adventure that lets you join four gun-totin’ heroes in a frantic co-op experience where you’ll fight off hordes of monsters in a claustrophobic setting filled with puzzles and traps.

You’ll need to shoot your way through each stage, solve all the baffling puzzles and find hidden treasure. You’ll also encounter a variety of traps, which can help you take down enemies more quickly and safely.

Using your gold, you can upgrade your weapons and even unlock prototype weapon chests to get that one-of-a-kind weapon you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll also need to keep collecting relics throughout each level, which will not only add points to your overall score but also let you unlock characters’ full ability sets.